Steve Tunstall

Steve Tunstall

CEO & Co-Founder, Inzsure

The Inzsure platform is designed to transform the global commercial insurance industry by providing SME customers, initially in Singapore, Malaysia and The Philippines, with ease of use, quality choices, whole life cycle support and a significant reduction in frictional costs. The platform is blockchain ready and investigating the adoption of smart contracts for claims payments.

Steve has over thirty years of experience in owning, running and future proofing companies.

He has been CEO, Managing Director or equivalent in seven companies in four countries managing teams of up to 500 employees and based in Asia for over 20 years. He has deep domain knowledge in Insurtech, Fintech, commercial insurance, compliance, risk and crisis management.

A contributing author to The InsurtechBook (Amazon best seller in 2018), author of “RISK and the Asian CEO” published on Amazon Kindle in 2016. Recognised as a No.1 worldwide influencer in Insurtech. Features in the Top Global Influencer lists of Rise, InsurtechNews, Richtopia and Onalytica in the areas of Insurtech, Fintech and Blockchain. Has a significant presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Angellist, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and Tumblr with a network of over 100,000 followers.